Website Redesign
Project Overview
This website redesign consisted of a complete revamp of each page on the site, modernizing the logo, incorporating their branding throughout the site, and simplifying the navigation and user flow to create a more user-intuitive experience.

In this project, I took on the pivotal role of spearheading the website design. To effectively accomplish this, I relied upon my experience with the Pro Impressions Marketing redesign, and structured the project into distinct phases, which enabled us to monitor progress and adhere to a realistic timeline for all deliverables. My responsibilities extended to creating mid-fidelity wireframes, developing high-fidelity mockups, and offering guidance to my fellow designer on crafting all the essential assets required for the project.
Programs Used

• Adobe XD for wireframes and mockups
• Asana for project organization
• Photoshop & Illustrator for photo editing and asset creation

Target Market & Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Throughout the course of this project, our attention was devoted to 3 key user groups: dentists looking to purchase equipment from Myotronics, dentists pursuing Continuing Education (CE) courses, and potential patients wanting to educate themselves on neuromuscular dentistry and find a dentist for treatment.


In close collaboration with the Content Team and Account Manager, I led the creation of 7 mid-fidelity desktop wireframes. The screenshot below showcases the wireframes for 4 of the top-level navigation pages.

A crucial aspect of the Myotronics website was to educate both doctors and their patients about the principles of neuromuscular dentistry and its treatment methods. This posed a persistent challenge throughout the project: finding the right balance between detailed content and engaging visuals.
meal time for pets iOS app wireframes demonstrating the user flow when the app is first downloaded

High-fidelity mockups

During the course of this project, my team maintained a close collaboration with the Development Team to forge a seamless user experience, meticulously ensuring responsiveness across all devices.
meal time for pets iOS app wireframes demonstrating the user flow when the app is first downloaded